Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures

Last time I wrote about the hot new Let’s Rock! Elmo, which I think will be a top preschooler and toddler choice for holiday giving this year.  Well, most recently, my Little Boo and I had the chance to check out a fabulous toy for the bigger kid market – Hexbugs!  These micro-robotic creatures first hit the market in 2007, and the line has expanded since then to include a variety of bug-like mini robots and accessories. Please check out the full line at their website!

Hexbug Spider


For this review we opted to check out the Spider, in red of course since it’s Little Boo’s favourite colour.  This model came out just this year and is the largest of the the line. It is also one of the two remote-controlled Hexbugs (the other being the Inchworm).  The remote is very simple to use – one button for forwards or backwards movement and one for turning the head for 360 degree steering. There’s also an LED light that seems to be watching you.  We ran the Spider on hardwood, tile, and a low pile mat, and it moved well on all. It is not the fastest little guy, but it is really cool to watch.  Little Boo pronounced it “awesome!” He also enjoyed tickling himself with it, walking it up his body while holding it in his hand. The Spider has a dual channel remote, so you can operate two together for some interactive play. Here’s a video so you can see this little guy in action for yourself.

One of the neater things about the Hexbugs is that you can see the inner workings.  This was a deliberate design choice: “By exposing the mechanics of each bug, we hoped to capture the interest of kids and get them thinking about the science behind the robot.”  It certainly does capture the interest and lends a great high tech industrial feel to the toy.

While the Spider and Inchworm are operated by remote control, other bugs in the line move independently and respond to touch/bumping into something, loud noise, or light. The newest Hexbug, the Larva, senses and avoids obstacles before it bumps into them.   There is a growing line of accessories available for the Nano line, including various habitats, trails, and a bridge battle. Many of these have now made it onto Little Boo’s Christmas wish list.

Here’s a video of Little Boo explaining the Hexbug Spider:


The Hexbug Spider comes in 5 colours – red, orange, blue, green and teal, and retails for $29.99. Other Hexbugs can be found at various price points, starting at $6.99 for the Nano.



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