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Become a ballerina! Prima Princessa brings you England’s world famous Birmingham Royal Ballet performing excerpts from The Nutcracker that will inspire the ballerina in you! Come join in the holiday fun with Prima Princessa as she takes you to a magical show filled with snow fairies, toy soldiers, tutus, pirouettes and plies.

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One Response to Prima Princessa – The Nutcracker

  1. My daughter saw the cover of the Prima Princessa The Nutcracker DVD and seriously went berserk. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Her world revolves around one word: Princess.
    We sat down together – rather I sat down and she danced around while the DVD started. The Boy lasted a nanosecond watching it and then was of the reclaim his masculinity with trains and diggers. The Girl wasn’t captivated by The Nutcracker ballet – but when she saw the kids from the School of American Ballet – then she got right into it. That’s what caught her attention. She tried to copy the kids and spent the time prancing around trying to pirouette and plie. It was so cute to watch. I have a video and will try to insert it in this comment – I just have to figure out how!
    It would have been helpful if I had posted this review before Christmas -a great stocking stuffer or present for a ballerina in your life… but I think the Prima Princessa site is worth a visit year round. With a great book, and other DVDs, an interactive site complete with ballet activities… the whole Prima Princessa empire can please the little ballerinas no matter the month.

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