I am going back to work in about a month, it’s been so long since I’ve done it and I can;t remember how to wean my baby. How do I start to wean my daughter off?

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3 Responses to weaning

  1. I found my son took more to the bottle teats that were more shaped then just the standard bottle teat. I also think lots of cuddles and closeness are essential with weaning – not only is your baby losing your breast but also that close cuddly time with mum as they feed. I found bundling my son up and cuddling and talking and stroking him as I would when I was breastfeeding made him far easier going with the whole process.

  2. When you’re trying to wean always offer the bottle first rather then your breast. My daughter would give the bottle a go at first (with a bit of persistence on my behalf) because she was hungry. Once she had had a little bit of the bottled milk and she wasn’t so hungry she would then spit the bottle out and want my breast. This went one for a little while and she gradually had more and more bottle.

  3. I found it easiest when I express some milk and put it into a bottle for a little while as my daughter got used to a bottle rather then my breast. Then she only had to get used to the feel of a bottle at first rather then a bottle and a different taste.

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