Feature Friday: I Hired a Babysitter… Now What??

A big welcome to Karen from the caregiverorganizer.coma printable e-organizer that lets you input your loved one’s information into a clear and concise format for their caregivers.


You get to go out … finally! You love your kids dearly, but sometimes you NEED some time away!  So whether you’re going shopping, or getting a massage, or having date night with your husband, you need to call in the Calvary: a babysitter.

It doesn’t matter if your babysitter is the teenager down the street or your own mother; they both need the same information about your little bundles of joy.  So how do you determine what’s necessary to tell them?  Easy – it’s ALL necessary!  And I’ll give you one excellent reason why:  Because getting away doesn’t just mean “getting time away.”  It means RELAXING during your time away.  And how can you relax if you’re worried that you forgot to tell your sitter something?

When you’re thinking of what to write down, don’t just think of the obvious information, like emergency numbers.  Here are some ideas on information they may need while you are gone:

writing a list.jpg
What time of day that you will be gone?  Write down the exact schedule you want your sitter to follow.  Yes, you may vary your child’s naptime, for instance, but your sitter doesn’t know your child like you do, so be precise.

ü Don’t just give times; give her your routines also.  If little Suzy needs her pink elephant in order to fall asleep, this knowledge can potentially avoid a meltdown.

ü If your kids are a little older, you might want to list things that you just KNOW they are going to try to get away with.  You know what they are!

ü Exact instructions in terms of what you will allow the sitter to use in order to discipline your children.

These are just a few suggestions to get your mind working towards looking at the details of what you deal with everyday.  Here are a few more pieces of information that you really MUST leave for your sitter:

Ø Where you will be, the phone number there, and your cell number.

Ø Phone numbers for doctors, hospital names and numbers and emergency contacts.  These contacts should include at least one close neighbor who will be home and one relative.

Ø Children’s allergies.

Ø An updated Child Identification Form for each child.

This about covers it.  Remember, you need some “alone time” and this doesn’t mean you’re not a great parent.  You’ve heard it before:  You’ll be a better parent if you take care of yourself once in a while.  So don’t just arrange to get away, make sure you can relax too.  After all, you deserve it!

As a way to help you organize all this information, The Caregiver Organizer is available at www.thecaregiverorganizer.com.  This eBook is a fill-in-the-blank workbook for you to record all this data about YOUR child for YOUR sitter.  The format is easy to follow and you just print out the pages you need.  It’s all made as easy for you as possible!


The Caregiver Organizer is a printable e-organizer that lets you input your loved one’s information into a clear and concise format for their caregivers.  It lets you take better care of YOU so you can take better care of THEM!

Karen Berg is the mother of 9 year old twin boys who, with her business partner Melissa Bishop, knew there had to be a better way to leave information for the endless stream of sitters and nannies coming through their homes!

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