Still waking to breastfeed at night…

My baby boy is 6months old and still waking through the night to breastfeed – help!!

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6 Responses to Still waking to breastfeed at night…

  1. Are you making night feeds different to day feeds? I read a great book called Babywise. It talks about making night feeds more regimented and mechanical then day feeds, then bub knows you mean business and this is not the time to play, merely feed and go back to sleep. If you make eye-contact and talk and play with bub during night feeds they will hang on to them longer then normal because they love the affection and cuddles from mum.

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      My son only started to sleep through the night once I gave him solids – which was at 6mths!

  2. My baby took a long time to sleep well at night. Several strategies worked for us.
    1) Make sure baby starts to fall asleep on his/her own. This may mean putting up with some protest crying at the start of nap times and at night.
    2) Work on longer daytime naps (putting up with some protest at the 40 min mark to see if baby will go back to sleep) – a baby that sleeps well during the day will sleep better at night starting at this age.
    3) Decide how often you think you need to feed baby. If baby wakes before the time, have someone else go in and comfort baby (or allow protest crying for a certain time before going in if on your own). We started with 4 hours, then up to 5, and then once we were sure late night feeds no longer necessary, put up with two nights of protest crying (1 hour and the next night 30 min) around 11:30pm.
    Baby now sleeps through to at least 5:30am, and working on making that 6:30am at 10 months. When awake, she is so happy and cheerful, it’s worth dealing with the protest. But one of the hardest things to do at the time. And don’t forget to rest when baby rests.
    Hang in there, it does get better.
    *If you like books, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Dr. Marc Weissbluth was a great resource for us. Sleep improved dramatically over two months by reading and rereading the book.

  3. Jo said: On July 29, 2010

    Have you checked the quality of your milk at the end of the day? Doctors say after running around all day your milk is not as creamy and filling as when you woke up refreshed and rested at the start of the day. I know my little man didn’t sleep through the night till I started him on solids at 6mths. When I checked my milk at the end of the day it was horrid compared to the start. Perhaps try giving your baby a bottle of formula right before bed just to make sure he gets a real good feed and hopefully will sleep through.

  4. Some babies don’t wake because they are hungry they just wake out of habit. My dad told me a story of how I was sick and in hospital when I was 11mths old and for 2 weeks they used to wake me in the night for treatment and then they’d give me a bottle to lull me back to sleep. After that 2 weeks when I was well again they bought me home but I continued to wake merely out of habit and looking for a bottle. Dad said he started to just give me some warm water and within a few nights I stopped waking up thinking ‘what’ the point if I’m just going to get water’ hahaha

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