Run For The Covers… It’s The Mancold!!

man coldThe Mancold is a term commonly understood within the Sisterhood. When a woman announces her significant other has a cold, there is always the appreciative and empathetic groan that circulates as everyone nods their heads knowingly and utters under their breath… “Oh, the Mancold. Poor (insert woman’s name)”. We sisters get it. The slightest sniffle or cough and the men hit the sheets faster than the kids can mess up the playroom. And in my house, that is fast. Really fast. Could it be that Mancolds are worse than Womencolds? Is there an actual medical reason why they can no longer function when they begin to sniffle?

Sound the alarms, beam “the bat signal” into the sky, send smoke signals to anyone who will listen… The Husband has a cold**. The world will very likely stop rotating, the economy will come to a grinding halt, life as we know it will never be the same again… he has a sniffle. Oh no. Stop the traffic. He coughed too. Can you hear the groan through the computer?

Here’s what baffles me about The Mancold. Why, at the slightest sniffle, do they automatically get granted a “stay in bed” pass? Why is it not even a discussion, it is simply an assumption? I can’t remember the last day I had a sick day. I am home during the days, and work evenings so if I am in bed – then who is there take care of the kids? It’s the double standard that really gets up my wick. Daddy is the slightest bit ill – he can retreat until better. Mommy is sick? Not a F%&@ing thing changes.

I understand that men get sick. I am even sympathetic when it is warranted. But really fellas. Pony up and watch your incredible wife as she skillfully navigates a cold, two kids, a house, a job and…you. She deserves a medal, or at least some metal… the shiny kind. The kind lasts a lifetime. That she can gaze lovingly at for the years to come… oh, sorry,  I digress.

Share your mancold stories here! Perhaps there are some men and/or daddies that could shed some light on this travesty? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click on “Leave a Comment’ and rant to your hearts content.

**You know I love you Honey – get well soon.
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2 Responses to Run For The Covers… It’s The Mancold!!

  1. Twitter: tarasivew
    bwahahahahahahahahaha… must run in the family :)

  2. I am the husband. And I approve this message.

Run For The Covers… It’s The Mancold!!

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