Conversations with a 2.5 year old

**WARNING: By reading this post, you will find out more about me than you care to know. Read at your own peril**

Boy: Hi Moooommmmeeeeeeee, whatcha doing?

Me: Just going to the bathroom, what are you doing?toilet

Boy: Oh. Are you having a peeeeepeeeee?

Me: Yes I am.

Boy: Oh. Are you having a poooopoooo too?

Me: Maybe.

Boy: You don’t have a penis moooommmmeeee.

Me: No, no I don’t. You’re right!

Boy: I do. It’s right here. Wanna see?

Me: Oh, no thanks sweetie.

Boy: Moooommmmeeeee, are you all done?  Come here love [ed. note: seriously... in an adult serious voice he called me love].

Me: Where are we going?

Boy: Come here so I can wipe your bottom. (with hands on shoulder pulling me off the throne)

Me: Oh no thanks. I can do it myself. How about you go play with Thomas while mommy finishes up?

Boy: Ooooh, you did good work Mommmeeeee, way to go!

And who thinks their kids don’t listen to every word we say?!?!

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  1. Twitter: tarasivew

    I have had very similar conversations with my boys too. Tee hee.

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